Clam Wine

Clam Wine
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Coming to Halong bay, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of seafood and specialties. But perhaps not a lot of people know a special wine of Halong Bay - clam wine (ruou ngan).

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Clam wine is a specialty of Halong

Clam is found popularly in Halong Bay. There are a lot of recipes using clams such as: steamed clams, grilled clams, clam porridge, stir-fried clams, etc. Particularly, clam is used to make savory wine.  In Vietnamese "Ngan" means "tired" however you won't feel bored at all when tasting this tasty wine.

Clam wine Clam wine

Clam wine teemed with typical scent of the sea. The difference of clam wine with other wines is that intriguing color and the taste is also distinct. Clam wine is teemed with pink color, salty and spicy taste.

How to make clam wine?

Rich and complex in flavor, it can seem daunting to make clam wine at home. To get a delicious glass of wine bored, need to ensure a proper cooking process. After gently separate clam meat, put it into a large bowl and soak it up with rice wine. Then mix it using an electric mixer.

clam clam

Clam wine is ideal to drink in winter days. In the cold winter night, gathering with your friends on the site of Halong bay and enjoy a glass of wine together with eating some grilled squids, you will surely have a great cuisine excursion.

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