Fried squids with garlic and butter

Fried squids with garlic and butter
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Squid is a great seafood which is popular on table of every family and easy to cook. However, there are a lot of Vietnamese recipes of squid dishes that will give you a flavor explosion. Some popular delicious squid dishes include squid meat balls, steamed squid with guava leaves, stir-fried squid with spicy paste. One of easy-to-cook dishes is fried squid with garlic and butter. You can enjoy crispy squid with savory smell of butter melting in your mouth at the first bite.

Seasoned-dried-shredded-squid Seasoned-dried-shredded-squid

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Nutrition facts

Fried squid covers a large amount of protein, calories and vitamins which are good for metabolism. Fried squid contains about 70% protein and 68 calories and 15% fat and vitamins such as B-12, B-6, vitamin E, vitamin K.

How to make fried squids with garlic and butter?

dried squids dried squids

Ingredients for this dish includes: dried squid, garlic cloves, butter, cooking oil, seasonings. Method: Soak up squid into water until it becomes tender. Dry off squid and grill over charcoal then stir fry for several minutes. Make a sauce that is a mix of sugar, fish sauce, chili pepper. Place a frying pan over a medium heat, add butter and chopped garlic and stir-fried squid. Stir fry for several minutes then add the sauce.