Snack on delicious food

Snack on delicious food
UPDATED: 23 Mar 2017 417 Views

Visiting the beautiful coastal Halong Bay city, visitors not only bask in the sunshine and immerse in the breathtaking scenery of the natural wonder of the world but also enjoy a series of delicious specialties of this land. The unique materials and sophisticated processing in each dish make a special and unforgettable impression in the tourists.

The following are 3 dishes meeting three criteria "delicious, healthy, cheap," you'll regret if ignored.

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1. Ruoc Lo

It belongs to a species of octopus, as small as the big toe; thus, called mini octopus. There are many ways of processing “Ruoc Lo”, including the most traditional dishes of boiled Ruoc Lo. Ruoc Lo should be live and rubbed into with salt, and then washed and boiled with guava leaves, tamarind leaves. The sourness of tamarind leaves helps soften and remove fishy taste while acrid guava leaves make Ruoc crunchy and tender. When it becomes pink and its suckers curl inversely into small circles, it is cooked and then you can enjoy immediately.

Ruoc lo Ruoc lo

2. Clam porridge

Clam porridge is a very popular snack in Halong because the porridge with sea clam should certainly have a special taste than the porridge with freshwater clam living in the river. This dish is eaten with eryngium, chopped green onions, shallots, and crispy sticks. Tasty clam porridge location should be in Halong No.1 and Halong No.2 market. Price per bowl of clam porridge with the crispy stick is about 15000-20000 VND.

Clam porridge Clam porridge

3. Quảng Yên fermented pork roll

Fermented pork roll is well-known in Halong Bay, particularly in Quang Yen. The main materials are popular and easy to find such as pork skin, roasted rice or bean, roasted peanuts ground, and then mixed all together. Despite being simple, through skills and processing know-how as well as mixed sauces the dish becomes attractive. The very factors make Quang Yen Town with fermented pork roll processing increasingly popular and become the pride of the people here.