Stir-fried Spicy squid

Stir-fried Spicy squid
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With homegrown seafood, Halong Bay has become a popular destination for food lovers who want to taste freshest seafood dishes. Some popular delicious squid dishes include squid meat balls, steamed squid with guava leaves, fried squids with butter, pineapple squid, squid soup. One of delicious squid dishes you can’t fail to miss is stir-fried spicy squid. This dish gives the original taste of squid and spicy flavor of chili pepper paste – a Vietnamese special seasoning.

Stir-fried spicy squid Stir-fried spicy squid

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Nutrition facts

Stir-fried squid covers a large amount of protein, calories and vitamins which are good for metabolism. Stir-fried squid contains about 70% protein and 68 calories and 15% fat and vitamins such as B-12, B-6, vitamin E, vitamin K.

How to make stir-fried spicy squid?

Ingredients: fresh squid (finely remove ink sac and chopped into rings, marinate with salt chili pepper paste and pepper and leave in temperature for 15 minutes), chili pepper paste, chili pepper, onion, spring onion, 100 gram mushroom (finely cut), crushed ginger, crushed garlic, seasonings (salt, sugar, pepper).

fresh cut squids fresh cut squids

Method: Heat the oil on a large, nonstick saucepan on a medium heat. Add chopped onion and fry, stirring occasionally. Add squid, sparkle pepper and stir fry for 5 minutes. Add onion, ginger and seasonings then stir fry until squid begins firm in appearance. Serve in a large dish.