Vegetarian Food In Halong Bay

Vegetarian Food In Halong Bay
UPDATED: 22 Mar 2017 226 Views

To any travel lovers, foods always grow a truly mysterious and exciting thing. Halong Bay tourists are probably no exception, and they would definitely be surprised by the exceptional gastronomy of this charming bay. As you’ve known, Halong Bay is famous for seafood and it is totally a heaven for seafood lovers. But how about vegetarians? Don’t worry, traveling with us, your problems solved!

>> Grilled salt and pepper prawns

Nutritious values

It would be said that food on board has been made from the freshest and various ingredients, meats to vegetables along with a lot of distinctive spices. With each dish, it not only provides delicious taste, nutritious value but also clearly shows cultural detail of each clime.

Vegetarian Food Vegetarian Food

If you’re a vegan but still eat seafood or some kinds of chicken and beef, thus there will be a lot of choices for you while cruising with us. Others courses are for non-seafood eaters with beef teriyaki, pork, beautifully marinated chicken and of course vegetables- all traditional Vietnamese. Our chefs always consider the balance of taste and health through foods.

Various dishes of vegetarian food

In case you’re a full vegan, you only eat vegetables, you will be totally surprised when be served with a delightful cream of pumpkin soup for starter. It is fresh, flavorsome and exceptionally healthy. Then come the Snow white salad or Vietnamese banana blossom salad which is truly crispy fresh salad served with sesame seeds.

Vegetarian Food Vegetarian Food

It is not the end. The veggie-friendly meal continuous with some other amazing dished, for example: tofu stir fry brown with onions, braised kale with mushroom and tomato then eat with delicious soy bean sauce or just a beautiful (and tasty as well) dish of fried butter corn. Just try a bite and I’m sure that you can’t stop eating them.

Then now who can said that don’t eat seafood means you didn’t visit Halong Bay? If you are looking for a Halong cruise offering vegetarian foods, Indochina Junk is simply your perfect choice.