What is special about food on Dragon Legend cruise?

Dining on Dragon Cruise

A nice cruise experience on Halong Bay comes from different things including a unique itinerary, professional warm service, interesting outdoor activities and specially delicious food.

Food is always a part of travelling and experience when you come to discover another country, another culture.  Each culture has its own cuisine that you might want to see the difference in comparison to your own, amazingly have a delicious food is a must of travelling.

With the new luxury cruise, Dragon Legend, we believe that food on this cruise will be one of your highlight during trip.

Grilled clams with herbs
Grilled clams with herbs

>> Sea urchin

Food on Dragon Legend cruise

  • Menu style: there will be a set menu lunch, a la carte dinner and buffet served during cruise. This will be an amazing as visitors have chance with different kind of food and menu style. Each style will bring you a different feeling and enjoyment. A la carte dinner is a highlight with food on your choice; based on some fixed course you are to choose yourself favorite food.
  • Seafood: Seafood has bigger portion in general, it is the nature’s gift for Halong Bay with many local seafood and having these fresh seafood is a must in cruising Halong Bay
Delicious food on Dragon cruise
Delicious food on Dragon cruise
  • Vietnamese food: Vietnamese cuisine is greatly admired for its fresh ingredients, minimal use of oil and using of many herbs, vegetables to have a healthy balance. Cruising on Dragon Legend, you will enjoy delicious and healthy Vietnamese food from fresh seafood to meats, vegetables, herbs and a selective use of spices to reach a fine taste
  • Vegetarian catering: Even though seafood and meats are provided mainly in the meal but you are to have own request for vegetarian food or other special diet. You just need to inform your food request in advance so the chef can know to prepare.