Halong city tour by tram

AMxe dien
AMxe dienAccording to Mr. Doan Van Dung, General Director of JSC Yacht Indochina, he launched the idea of ​​organizing sightseeing tours Halong city by tram, is because he wants tourists to know that in addition to Heritage World Natural Ha Long Bay, Ha Long city also has many interesting destinations for visitors can admire, enjoy …

It is true that so far tourists to Halong Bay tour mainly, if we have time left to the play area, entertainment, swimming at Tuan Chau and Bai Chay etc. Meanwhile, offers city visitors Hon Gai side recently have appeared but not impressed with the visitors very much. Rather, there is some time ago at Bai Chay also offer carriage tours, but mostly take guests around the area of Bai Chay, then stopped because of environmental uncertainty … 

This is to see, in addition to “know” deals, which often just “know” style “flower equestrian see” through a brief tour of 4 or 6 hours to visit the Gulf. After that, the tourists are missed opportunities to be able to feel, can enjoy, can learn a lot different beauty of this heritage city. Especially in Hon Gai, on the eastern shore Cua Luc, where active mineral scenery, romantic, charming, there are historical, cultural and scenic known as Bai Tho Mountain, Long Tien Pagoda, Monsignor temple, parish churches, markets Halong wharf, under special sailing waters rich etc. Not to mention the bars, restaurants with gastronomic culture brings its own identity from Halong. Then the advent beautiful building in recent years, as the sea boundaries which currently ranks as the most beautiful roads in Vietnam, ensembles House Museum, Library by the famous architect Spaniard Salvador Perez Aroyo design, Square Column 3, Vincom Center Shopping Center   etc. being regarded as the best tourism destination attractions. There are also tourists from Bai Chay to Hon Gai side, but much is to go shopping for seafood or visit Long Tien Pagoda, Temple Monsignor … partly also due east side of Bai Chay bridge remains does not have a unit to organize a tour to visit the city all the true sense. Many have regretted and said that if the tourism potential of Hon Gai side are fully exploited, the Ha Long City will have additional travel package unique products and where guests will be bustling, no less at the Bai Chay Beach, Tuan Chau. 

Perhaps what the “sorry” is the reason for people to have a lot of charm which is owed ​​to tourism as Doan Van Dung Ha Long thought to the idea of organizing sightseeing tours of the city. And why choose electric vehicles that are not other means to bring to visit, he explained Doan Van Dung, Quang Ninh ongoing development goals from the “brown to green,” environmental issues with the sustainable development of tourist cities is very important. Tourism workers need special attention to this. And electric cars are vehicles powered by electricity rather than gas, oil should not exhaust fumes cause environmental pollution, no noise, very consistent with the strict demands of the environment in a tourist city like Halong . The electric passenger cars tour run on the street to create images of how tourist-friendly environment. Vehicles designed transient, moderate pace helps guests enough time to contemplate, feel and safety for guests. 

Under the plan, the first step will be visiting 10 tourist routes downtown landmark: Long Tien Pagoda, Ha Long market, Vincom Trade Centre, Park Lan Square, April 25, Museum and Mail Quang Ninh Hospital, sea boundaries Column 3, Column 5 fishing village, Bai Tho Mountain, Germany Tran Quoc Nghien Temple with pickup point is labor Palace of Culture in Vietnam – Japan, markets in Ha Long, Quang Ninh Museum. On this leg of the journey, tourists sightseeing, newly introduced to the history, culture and landscape of the city, the scenic Ha Long Bay, Halong cuisine. Time for a schedule can be from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the guests wish to stop at a certain length of time. Ie just spent two hours as visitors were able to enjoy the typical character of the beautiful city by the Bay. This is very convenient for those who do not have too much time … 

Many were fascinated to hear this information. Respondents felt after just concluded a visit to the city by tram, he Cuadard Brenille Didierr Alain, the French traveler and his   Ryan Daniel Wik (Nationality USA), was cheerfully that they had a great visit, the city is beautiful and interesting, especially the amazing sight of the nature of the space of the sea breeze cool when driving slowly along the sea boundaries. And many people have expressed interest in seeing electric cars, vehicles with environmentally friendly appearance on the streets with the guests are drunk scene photographed streets. 

Not only is the service city tour by tram, the idea of organized tourism experiences, community tourism so visitors can integrate in life, activities and food culture of communities this place is also referred to in the conversation, exchanged views on the need to make up the diversity and attractiveness for tourism in Ha Long. Overall the tram service city tour along with the tourism project is being implemented in Bai Chay, Tuan Chau etc. will certainly create “gravity” of the city Halong strong with tourists, contributing significantly to the economic development goals of the region tourism.