Summer Promotion: Bai Tu Long bay – Sapa and Bai Tu Long bay – Ninh Binh

Summer Promotion: Bai Tu Long bay – Sapa and Bai Tu Long bay – Ninh Binh
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Have you ever wonder if visiting Bai Tu Long alone is not enough for you to witness all natural beauty of Vietnam and to get to know life from various aspects? This summer we are happy to announce 02 new packages: Bai Tu Long Bay – Sapa and Bai Tu Long Bay – Ninh Binh. We with the heart of wanderlust make sure that it would be worth every penny you spend, you will have a chance travel to the most iconic destinations of the North of Vietnam. Especially, it comes with HOT DEALS FOR THIS SUMMER: 15% OFF the total price promotion, which valid till 30th September 2016.

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4 Day 3 Night tour:  Bai Tu Long bay – Sapa

From Hanoi, you will depart to Bai Tu Long Bay and enjoy 2 days and 1 magnificent night on boat. Bai Tu Long is a part of Halong Bay – the World Heritage Site, you will have time for kayaking, swimming, visiting Thien Canh Son cave and relaxing on the beach. After that, you will travel to Sapa for 2 day 1 night tour in peaceful mountainous area. Sapa has always been famous among international tourists especially for someone who loves to learn about ethnic minorities. The Bai Tu Long-Sapa tour offers you the best chance to get to know more about local people by joining the trekking tour to Cat Cat, Lao Chai and Giang Ta Chai village, and by having lunch at local people house.

Sapa in the winter Sapa in the winter

Cat Cat, Lao Chai and Giang Ta Chai village are home of Back H’mong people who are well known for farming technique in mountainous area, “under the hand of hard working H’mong people, rocky mountain blooms”. Visiting Sapa in this season (from June to September) to admire the green rice terraces, we promise that the beauty of Sapa and the friendliness of local people will drive you want to stay longer.

3 Day 2 Night tour: Bai Tu Long bay – Ninh Binh

Beside Bai Tu Long Bay – Sapa tour, we also offer you another destination that it out of your imagination – Ninh Binh. The package Ninh Binh – Bai Tu Long is a fully image of diversified life of Vietnamese people, from Christian Cathedral, natural cave related local belief to the World Heritage Site. Going to Ninh Binh city, we won’t bring you to Trang An, we save the limestone and caves for your trip to Bai Tu Long bay. Instead, you will visit a forgotten destination of Ninh Binh – Phat Diem Cathedral and Thien Ha (Galaxy) cave.  Phat Diem Cathedral was Consecrated in 1892 was considered as “Catholic capital” of Vietnam. The feature that made the church becomes so special is its architecture, which is a blend of Vietnamese and European styles. While it is a cathedral for Christian, the roof was built in traditional Vietnamese pagoda style. A small building inside Phat Diem church was built completely from stone and the wall inside this building is carved with the image of four season flowers and scared animal: Phoenix and Lion.

Ninh Binh Ninh Binh

Bai Tu Long bay - Summer Promotion 2016

Just book now to GET 15% DISCOUNT for the packages until 30th of September 2016. Don’t miss a chance to discover the beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay the World Heritage Site perfectly combined with Sapa or Ninh Binh. Our travel consultants are very happy to welcome and assist you to book tours at the best price!